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moka szymankiewicz - bio.

Moka Szymankiewicz was born on 13th September 1984 in Wroclaw. She expresses her artistic soul by easel and wall painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture and tattoo art. Using great creativity and the ability to enter into a child’s world, she also puts positive vibes, colour, shapes into the illustrations of children’s books. She spent her childhood, both in the city and in the countryside, painting everything and with everything, without restraint and inhibitions. With time nobody was surprised by scattered paints and brushes in an empty pickle jar. Little Moka’s room remarkably resembled a studio of a crazy/mad artist. It was her world – the world of dreams and passion.

Encouraged by her mother, she decided to send her works to the “Wieczor Wroclawia” newspaper. With the charcoal and pencil drawing “Iglica na tle Hali Ludowej” (Spire in the background of Centennial Hall) she won her first art competition. She had exhibitions in many places across Europe, however, it is Wroclaw and Jarocin in Poland that she finds exceptional to present her art as these are the places she returns to. She is a self-taught artist, who is not restricted by any frames, except for a picture frame. Each morning, event, remembered images shed new light on her art and become an inspiration. Each shade has its meaning and will find a place on Moka’s canvas. When she paints, the emotions are released. She feels calmness and expression at the same time. The full acceptance of the present emotion, positive energy, respect to people and things she is surrounded by, wide range of intensive colours and expression make the art a work full of passion and satisfaction.